How to fix crappy ATI kernel driver error

Fixing crappy ATI kernel driver error on ASUS notebooks known as atikmdag.sys or atikmpag.sys BSOD.

1. Awaken from hibernation, your notebooks LCD suddenly stays off. Fn+F8 is not working and/or causes instant freeze altogether with 100% CPU usage
2. after restart you can notice some brackets and vertical stripes across the screen
3. system crashes before log-on screen with atikmdag.sys or atikmpag.sys error
4. then it only gets worse, as LCD simply stays off. At first you can turn it on by pressing Fn+F8 or Fn+F7 right after power-on, but
later nothing can wake the display up. When pressing Fn+F8, computer freezes.

1. get a VGA monitor connected to your crappy ATI card output and boot into Safe Mode. For some reason, VGA output is still working. (the ultramodern HDMI bs output may be also working.)
2. 640×480? More like 400×300 with 4-bit colors. F*ck it. Yet hopefully enough, somehow you manage to delete atikmpag/atikmdag.sys files from %win%/System32/drivers
!3. Uninstall ATK Generic Function Service, ATK Hotkey, ATK Media and ATKOSD2 using Remove programs/functions (it is almost sure these crappy kernel keyboard drivers are responsible for collision with crappy ATI Kernel driver)!
4. Uninstall graphic driver using Devices manager
5. for certainity, you also can uninstall ATI High Definiton Audio Device and any other High Definiton Audio
6. restart
7. install graphic driver again. Remember: the older, the better. Best way is to install the driver manually via Devices manager (‘from disk’ option, then navigate to INF_LH (x86) or INF_LH6 (x64) folder, select the inf file provided and then pick your card from the list)
8. restart & pray vigorously
9. voila, LCD turns on again without crappy artifacts and system boots without BSOD errors. Previously uninstalled devices’ drivers are installed automatically, while the ATK bs seems to be absolutely unnecessary. Hopefully your system will keep on working at least three days in a row.

EDIT: As it seems, it only works once. Second time you have to mess with safe mode like 10 times more, then again with the ATK garbage (five special drivers, it just can’t come in one package), if you only find it on your HDD after 10 years. Uninstall ATI driver, reinstall all ATK (AsusTeK) bs, then install some generic Microsoft driver for your ATI card.

EDIT 2: For sure, I reinstalled mouse driver (somehow it reinstalls itself). Previously there was hanging some mysterious Microsoft PS/2 mouse (never had Microsoft mouse) with yellow exclamation mark in Device manager, now it is gone.
Then I even ran regedit and changed all values ‘EnableTripleBuffering_DEF’ and ‘CatalystAI_DEF’ to 0 to disable triple buffering and this buggy CatalystAI. Let’s see if it will finally work…

EDIT 3: Well, no. Weird stripes strikes back again. Safe Mode again, reinstalling drivers again, enabling/disabling some services considered relevant via services.msc. System running OK now, even after restarts.)

EDIT 4: Oops! The display problems also corelate with this BIOS option. When ‘Intel Vt-d’ is enabled, return from hibernation results in black screen and/or freeze. Lately I’ve accidentally enabled it. Disabling immediately.

EDIT 5: *uc* it. BSOD and black screen strike again. Uninstalling drivers, *DELETING* *ALL* their files from Windows folders, running one week on default VgaSave driver, making watching videos or using Phuckoshop pain in the ass. Whole screen is stretched, I have to shrink images to 83 % width if I want to see, how it looks in real.

EDIT 6: Saved at last! Installed obsolete 9.4 DNA-ATI Drivers found on some Chinese website. Maybe now I am being spied by Chinese, Americans and Russians altogether, but no more BSODs and problems with graphics drivers occure.

So, the final solution is:
Uninstall drivers, delete all its files from /System32 and /System32/Drivers, restart, install the default VGA device driver (or how is it called), restart, give it a few days to see if it’s running without BSODding and weird artifacts on the screen, then install some good old DNA Package via its Catalyst Install Manager.

If you couldn’t find any suitable drivers, then you’re probably *uc*ed and you’ll surely have to buy a new laptop, just like the sudden BSODding is trying to force you to do.

I am almost sure it is some form of planned obsolescence as some chip on ATI card is simply programmed to fail and corrupt its drivers just a week after 5 or 10 years. The error is also programmed to be as persistent as possible, that’s why it happens on kernel level. You only could only overcome this havoc after one whole month desperately trying tons of drivers, which one of them will maybe finally work.

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