We are declaring war on the American State

TerrorHere it is again. Yet another fake video shooted who-the-hell-knows-where, probably on an american base. It is supposed to show Jordan pilot being killed by islamic fundamentalists from the so-called Islamic State. He is burned alive in a cage. Action cut. GoPro style. We could take many videos like this in one month, if the army will pay us for it.

Let’s take a closer look on the footage: in the moment of his death, burned man’s arms drop down. In the very next scene, his arms are dramatically raised along his body like he was resting comfortably in an invisible chair. Very impressive, just like in Hollywood movies. I´m not a doctor, but I dispute the possiblity of that heroic gesture on a dead body. If someone would like to talk about the ‘death spasm’, he is a) an idiot b) director of this crappy movie. Hired actor-stuntman, inflammable clothing, quick cut, burned body dummy (probably a fresh dead body) with grease impressively dripping from it. Ruggero Deodato shooted something very similar in 1980.

Like it still wouldn’t be enough, this video is placed on a very suspicious website of some Walid Shoebat, who is said to be a former islamistic terrorist. There’s a section of the website which is called very convincingly, just like an average american TV-shopping viewer could believe it: ‘Evidence of My Credentials’. Walid Shoebat is crying his shoes out, that he is not a fake person, as the batshit crazy conspiracy-theorists think.

These strange website is, of course, filled with a words of ‘rescuing christian people’
(who else?) from the clutches of wild islamists. And of course, too, there is an
appeal on donating to the creators of the website. In the section called stupidly ‘Important information’ (scam alert!), there’s some real hard-to-believe bullshit. After clicking the link ‘Palestinian Justice’ you can see pictures of Jews allegedly killed by Palestinians.

Hmm, why would a ‘healed islamist’ mention just this Palestine/Israel theme
and why would he tell us, which side his heart is beating for? The dumb kindness and
accent on donating fn this ‘Walid Shoebat’ site resembles american filehosting servers, adult websites, or any other fraudulent (ransomware) american websites.

There’s not a single moment of doubt that this BS-filled website is just another piece of american work, that is just a part of mega-conspiracy called «The Islamic State threat».

It really is disseminating like a plague. How it is even possible? They just don’t want to stop. We are in war with a state, which is disrupting the whole Earth. We are in war with a state, which wants to pull in the whole world into this state’s very own collapse. Through
a global war with the Islamic State hoax, created in Washington DC.

By this, we are declaring War on the American State.

1. American PSYOP ‘Islamic state’ must be stopped immediately. Who is still curious about all these fake videos of killing, about all this propaganda ‘USA – Our only hope’ or ‘Stand with Israel!’ screamed constantly in the media. Who is still curious about all these parasitic movements like ‘English Defence League’ and other jew-driven agenda, which is poisoning the peace in white Europe. No, we don’t want to see any other ‘Islamic State’ movies shooted for the US Army. Here in Europe we have a lot of similar dumb movies shot for the communist party in the past.

2. Total(itarian) hegemony of USA in the world, which still refuses to end and destroys everything that stands in its way. Today, not only Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (…) are threatened. Today, by the american PSYOP called ‘Islamic State’, all the world is threatened!

3. Intimidation. It is hard to speak about, but nor a sprinkle of thousands atomic bombs on the biggest american cities could even balance the historical damage caused by the USA on the whole world. That’s why we are demanding the most crushing, joint attack of all countries against this Enemy of Mankind. Let us express the deepest mercy and understanding with the millions of American citizens that would face the atomic holocaust undeservedly.

Final statement
We are aware that some rare acts of world terrorism could have been commited by persons without any relations to US Army or Mossad. But, based on an evaluation of global economic situation, studying of history and other findings, we feel completely sure to point out, that 99 percent of world evil, by american/britsh media loudly presented as islamistic, is in fact caused by the state we are willing to destroy. By the American State.

As soon as possible, we will post unquestionable footage in which Barack Obama is forcing american mothers to eat their newborn babies. As well as proposal of sanctions
against USA, which will probably include prohibition of import and export of all goods produced on this planet.

The world evil must be eradicated once and for all!

ISIS: How It Really Works

ISIS: How It Really Works

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